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about us

Our Mission Statement:

It is plain and simple, to provide extraordinary service and exceptional customer service to ensure each and every customer is a 100% satisfied customer.

Our Story:

The Appliance Specialist was founded in 1993 by Paul Bastiaansen. Prior to that, Paul acquired certification in Appliance Servicing, licensing for gas fitting, natural gas, propane and refrigeration at Lambton College. Paul gained 3 years of experience in the field servicing appliances for Sarnia's largest service company, before starting his own business.

Starting out small, only doing service and selling used appliances, the business grew into a full retail and service company. After prospering for several years in retail and service, the difficult decision was made to return to being a service only company, to better serve customers' repair needs.

We pride ourselves on customer service and want to ensure we are the ONLY Servicer you will want in your home!

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Appliance Repair Licensed & Certified
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